Real Time Data Updates

Stop getting startup's outdated information. Get to know the power of our real-time big data search engine!

Real Time Data Updates
Now, you don't have to wait for the next quarter to get updated information. It is done in real-time.

Unleash the power of our big data algorithms

Instead of searching for keywords in descriptions and getting startup's outdated information, get to know the power of our real-time big data search engine.

Real-Time Data Update

Garantimos que, sempre que você estiver procurando por uma startup, tenha as últimas atualizações sobre ela, para não perder seu tempo com informações desatualizadas.

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Real-Time Search

Whenever you search our platform, we use our big data technology to find new startups for you in real-time!

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How to use our platform

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Corporate Innovation

Everything you need to avoid being disrupted by emerging players and intelligence and organization to connect with them.

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Consulting Companies

Keep up with the speed of innovation and stay ahead of everything that is happening to advise your customers

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Venture Capital & Accelerators

Find startups to invest and investment funds for your operation.

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