Privacy policy

Innovation Intelligence's policy values respecting your privacy on any platform of our own. It is important to note that we have total caution and concern for your data; we are committed to protecting your privacy rights.

This policy applies if you have provided us with information directly on our systems or if we have obtained it from a different source. This statement will be supplemented by additional privacy notices provided to you on our platforms.

For all personal information that we consider pertinent to provide the best service, we follow the legal means, and we ask your consent to use the information. We will always inform you of how we collect and how the information will be used in our services.

We only display public information or information authorized by users within our website. If there is any external link on our site, we ask you to evaluate their privacy policies carefully.

You can decline requests for personal information, even if you do not have all the services we may provide and can assist you in using our platforms.

We do not share unauthorized information that is not public, except as required by law.

The information collected is recorded only for the required time of the service used. In addition, data is stored and protected with techniques to prevent data loss and theft.

Information we collect

We collect some information directly from you (for example, through forms you fill out or products or services you access). These are:

  1. Contact and company or organization details;
  2. Your communications with innovation intelligence staff;
  3. Information you provide on the site, such as online questionnaires or feedback forms;
  4. Information you provide when you subscribe to informative email newsletters, such as your interest in specific areas of Innovation Intelligence;
  5. Responses to research or other studies of good practice;
  6. Information you provide when you register for a free trial account, login credentials, and information about your use and preferences for the Services.

Other information is received indirectly from you through the use of the Services or the Internet where public data is of your organization or on your behalf on websites where the policies also provide information. Such information is generally limited to: Information about the use of the services or the website through weblogs is collected automatically and passively using various technologies, which generally do not specifically identify you or other individuals.

We provide a contact directly with our team where the user can contact you if they have any questions or requests for change that any data. Forward to the email

Cookie Policy

This is a professional practice widely used by the most significant digital products.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files created by websites you visit and saved on the user's computer to improve your experience through the browser. These files contain information that identifies the user and facilitates access, either to customize a page according to the profile or to facilitate the transport of data between the pages of the same site or system.

How do we use it?

We use both session cookies (which are deleted when the browser is closed or the computer is turned off) and persistent cookies (which are in operation until deleted). All this data in cookies you can manage in the browser settings and always have the option to change these settings by accepting, rejecting, or deleting if you choose to change.

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