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Everything you need to avoid being disrupted by emerging players and intelligence and organization to connect with them.

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How Corporate Innovation teams use Innovation Intelligence

Corporates and Enterprises are mature companies that already have their established market. However, these companies are being threatened by startups all around the world that came with better technology or more efficient business models.

Some famous examples of companies that successfully disrupted industries are Uber and Airbnb. On Uber, they took a huge market share from the Taxi companies. On Airbnb, they are replacing established hotel chains.

Knowing this, companies started programs called open innovation, where they try to find and keep track of potential threats and opportunities to their business, so they can be ready to produce the technology, invest in these emerging companies, be a partner, be a client, or buy the small company.

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Why do they use the platform?

Finding startups that could represent a threat/opportunity to their business in order to take strategic decisions about buying, partnering, investing, or competing with these emerging companies.

Understand what their competitors are doing globally, and unlock their strategies to protect the company.

Understand new market opportunities by understanding what is being offered to your target customer.

Keep track of emerging trends and understand where Venture Capitalists are allocating their money to use it as a leading indicator about the industry's future.

Grow your business through Innovation

  • Run a natural language search based on your business problem, opportunity, or challenge.

  • Identify disruptive new technologies and business models quickly through the passages highlighted in bold.

  • Deeply analyze each company, its investment rounds, its founders, its traction and its relationship with the ecosystem (partners, competitors and customers).

  • Connect with target companies and decide the best strategy for partnerships, investments, M&A and grow your business.

Set innovation goals and create projects to achieve them.

  • Create Innovation goals for different areas of your company.

  • Create innovation projects for each objective.

  • Establish the Return on Innovation for each project and get the expected return for each objective.

  • Categorize Projects into cost reduction, quality, productivity, new offer to market, risk reduction and branding, and also determine which innovation horizon they belong to.

  • Gain visibility into which companies are connected to each objective and each project.

Collaborate with your team to negotiate, facilitate and execute projects.

  • Create Tasks for everyone involved in the project to know who the tasks will be, are being and have been performed.

  • Comments to help document ongoing projects and provide quick updates on activities.

  • Share files about the project, so everyone has the latest version of the documents and also knows where the relevant documents for a particular company.

  • Collaborate with different areas of the company and organize tasks, departments, people and deadlines.
    Inform the Innovation Structure - tag the people responsible for innovation in your company so that they get involved in the project.

  • Update, create and connect innovation goals and projects - associate the analyzed company with some objective or project, or create a new objective or project for this company.

Manage your Innovation Flow (Pipeline)

  • Create customized pipelines for each type of process (investments, partnerships, sales, licensing, investments, acquisitions, customer, etc...).

  • Understand and prioritize the best opportunities in your pipeline.

  • Assess the Return on Innovation for each phase of the pipeline and understand where you need to focus your efforts the most.

  • Record the movement of each company and who is making these changes.

  • Comment on pipeline developments so your coworkers can catch up on the project.

  • Create Tags to customize ratings and tag companies.

Provide Analysis and Insights for Innovation Management

  • Create custom dashboards. Our platform already comes with a robust dashboard for analyzing the innovation process and the activities being carried out on the platform. But we believe in the concept of self-service analytics, that is, on our platform you can operate all variables and generate your own charts.

  • Insights and Analytics on teams, departments, tasks, innovation flow (pipeline), people, goals, projects, startups, system usage and return on investment.

  • Share Reports. You can program the system to download your innovation report in PDF automatically, and send the report automatically to the emails you choose.

Learn more about our technology

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Innovation Search Algorithm

The search algorithm is a powerful tool! You just type your problem statement, and the system will give you the best companies in seconds.

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Real Time Data Updates

Now, you don't have to wait for the next quarter to get updated information. It is done in real-time.

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Innovation Ecosystem Data

All the information you need for decision making in one platform

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