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Find startups to invest and investment funds or your operation.

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How Venture Capital & Accelerators are using Innovation Intelligence

Why do they use the platform?

Find other funds for raising money to invest in the startups.

Find Startups to invest.

Track competitors

Manage their deal flow

Use the platform to compare solutions worldwide, invest in the best ones, or mentor their invested portfolio about what is happening worldwide with their competitors

Find solutions to customer challenges

  • Run a natural language search based on your business problem, opportunity, or challenge.

  • Identify disruptive new technologies and business models quickly through the passages highlighted in bold.

  • Deeply analyze each company, its investment rounds, its founders, its traction and its relationship with the ecosystem (partners, competitors and customers).

  • Connect with target companies and decide the best strategy for partnerships, investments, M&A and grow your client business.

Manage Objectives and Projects with different areas of different customers

  • Create Innovation goals for different areas and different clients.

  • Create innovation projects for each objective.

  • Establish the Return on Innovation for each project and get the expected return for each objective.

  • Categorize Projects into cost reduction, quality, productivity, new offer to market, risk reduction and branding, and also determine which innovation horizon they belong to.

  • Gain visibility into which companies are connected to each objective and each project.

Collaborate with your customers on project execution.

  • Create Tasks for everyone involved in the project to know who the tasks will be, are being and have been performed.

  • Comments to help document ongoing projects and provide quick updates on activities.

  • Share files about the project, so everyone has the latest version of the documents and also knows where the relevant documents for a particular company.

  • Collaborate with different areas of the company and organize tasks, departments, people and deadlines.
    Inform the Innovation Structure - tag the people responsible for innovation in your company so that they get involved in the project.

  • Update, create and connect innovation goals and projects - associate the analyzed company with some objective or project, or create a new objective or project for this company.

Learn more about our technology

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Innovation Search Algorithm

The search algorithm is a powerful tool! You just type your problem statement, and the system will give you the best companies in seconds.

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Real Time Data Updates

Now, you don't have to wait for the next quarter to get updated information. It is done in real-time.

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Innovation Ecosystem Data

All the information you need for decision making in one platform

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