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Opportunity Product Persona is a document in which we evaluate each opportunity raised in the previous step and create different offers for the same opportunity.

With this, we can understand the different value propositions for the product and determine which offer is interesting for which group of personas. All this within the same opportunity presented.

In this way, we can explore offers from the original opportunity until they have an undeniable value to the customer/user.


The above framework must be populated for each opportunity analyzed. Initially, a description of the opportunity should be made with an overview of the topic to be addressed.

Next, product offers are designed that meet that opportunity. For each offer, we assign a name, description, and main values (the same types of values that we saw in the Chapter Opportunity Building, where we talk about value proposition).

Finally, we select the group of personas for whom the product offer delivers value.

This template clarifies how each product offering can benefit the consumer/user (treated as "persona") so that offers for specific groups can be grouped.

A clear demonstration that the best offer has been exploited helps avoid many questions from company decision-makers and increases the chance of the product offering gaining support.

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