Build a future proof business

Build a future proof business

We organize and analyze information about innovation ecosystems worldwide to support corporate innovation.

Plan and Execute your Innovation Strategy

Our platform has everything you need to avoid being disrupted by emerging players and the intelligence and organization for you to connect with them.



Turn on your company's innovation radar

With Innovation Intelligence, you search, identify and analyze, in a single platform, new opportunities to innovate in what your company offers, delivers, and operates your offerings to the market.



Create your Innovation Strategy

Structure clear goals and develop innovation projects for specific technologies and new business models for company departments to achieve these goals.



Run organized projects and gain insight into the process

Keep several goals and projects organized with deadlines and goals control. Engage multiple actors and generate automated insights and analysis about your evolution.



Collaborate with all areas of the company

Innovation is something that needs to permeate the entire organization. Engage employees from all areas, enabling managed collaboration and interactions that focus on achieving goals.

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What our clients say

Roberto Werneck
Roberto Werneck

A game change platform. The technology behind the search engine is magnificent! I can find the best startups for my initiatives in less than a second, with relevant information about each one of them! It saves a lot of time, effort, and money compared to the existing solutions in the market.

~Save Time & Reduce CostRoberto WerneckAssociate Principal - Partners In Performance
Frederico Barbosa
Frederico Barbosa

Big Fan! We work with strategic projects, and the business intelligence for open innovation provided by the platform does a superb performance in informing and reducing risks in strategic decision making. The information is precise and reduces the effort of months of research.

~Reduces Effort And InformFrederico BarbosaPartner - BFG Consult
Roberto De Souza
Roberto De Souza

The collaboration tool is incredible! The information is distributed to the right persons, the progress is registered, and we don’t miss data anymore. It really organizes our internal work.

~Organize And SimplifyRoberto De SouzaCEO - CTE
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